Kaki: “Is your dog from Wisconsin?”
Secret Service agent: “No, but we were just there last weekend. I’m trying to take a photo of him next to every state we’ve been together.”

World War II Memorial - Feb. 10, 2014

For more DC at Sunset photos, see www.katherineelginphotography.com/DC-at-Sunset.

DC: land of motorcades.

Last weekend (yes, I’m really late), I walked to the World War II Memorial to take my DC at Sunset photos. At the time, I wasn’t thrilled with the photos - but they really came out well.

I’ll have to return when the weather gets better, when the fountains are filled. I am sure that the sun filtering through the spouting water is beautiful.

Last weekend, I went to the World War II memorial to shoot my DC at Sunset photos. When I shot my photos, I wasn’t thrilled: I hadn’t realized the fountains would be empty, I could have arrived earlier, there were secret service agents roaming around the monument.

Sometimes, however, if you give the images a couple days, you’ll discover the magic within them when you come back.

That’s what happened today. I’ve been editing the photos from the World War II Memorial, and I am shocked by how well they came out. They’ll be up on the world wide web sometime tomorrow (just in time for your snow day, East Coasters!).

I am super excited to bring them to you.

Last weekend, I was short on time. Luckily, my apartment building’s roof offers an incredible view.

My second installation of “DC at Sunset" is up on the website! These photographs were taken from the White House.

More information about the project, additional photos, and how you can suggest sites for me to photograph can be found here.

My first installation of “DC at Sunset" is up on the website! These photographs were taken from the Capitol.

More information about the project and how you can suggest sites for me to photograph can be found here.

I’ve decided to undertake a new photography project: DC at Sunset.

Inspired by a sunset visit to the Capitol last night, I will set out out photograph a new DC site every weekend at the sun disappears behind the horizon.

The photos from the first entry of the series will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’d like your recommendations: What DC site would you like me to photograph at sunset?

As the final minutes of 2013 ticked down, I looked back at the experiences I’ve had this year, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve been. I also went through the photographs I’ve taken this year and compiled my favorite. You can see the collection here.

From graduating from Princeton to starting a new job, from getting a new camera to relaunching my website - 2013 has been a big year for me. Here’s hoping 2014 is just as good.

My family’s dogs, as well as a few visiting canine friends, wish you a very merry Christmas!

Apollo wishes you a merry Christmas. May you have something this cute in your life to help you smile.

Last week, much of DC was closed as a snow day was called for many offices. Though it in fact barely slowed at all, for a brief period of time the snow was beautiful. Wandering around, I was particularly spellbound by the snow falling around Samuel Gompers Park on Mass Ave. The snowflakes almost seemed like tears at times, and the white flakes against the dark statues was stunning.